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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

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5 Tips for a Successful DevOps Implementation

If your team is currently applying DevOps practices, there is a high degree of likelihood that you are encountering issues that you did not anticipate. Implementing DevOps is no simple task, as you may have...

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What Does a High-Performing SRE Team Look Like?

In today\'s highly technical world, all companies need to build websites which are reliable, efficient, and scalable. In 2003, Google tasked a team of software engineers to address this, and they did so well that...

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Creating Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Applications using Kubernetes

If you want a reliable method for creating containerized applications, Kubernetes may be ideal for developing and running your applications. As more and more apps are built with containers, Kubernetes continues to serve as effective...

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Git Commands: Setting Up A Local Repository with GitLab

GitLab is a complete, full-featured DevOps platform, which is built to create a streamlined toolchain and cover the entire lifecycle. Better yet, GitLab is open source, with thousands of contributors and users collaborating to make...

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Microservices Tutorial: Everything to Know at a High Level

Microservice architecture is the new golden standard for building software. The overall idea is that instead of building your whole application as one single piece, you build it in multiple smaller pieces. This brings many...

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DevOps Implementation Plan: A Comprehensive 6 Step Strategy

As DevOps adoption continues to accelerate in large companies and organizations, the exact definition of the term remains unclear. Is DevOps a culture, movement, approach, philosophy, or combination of these things? Or does the term...

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The Best CI/CD Tools: 5 to Adopt When Building a Pipeline

You’ve now got a CI/CD pipeline—that’s awesome! But you may be wondering what to add next. In this blog post, we will explore some quick off-the-shelf tools you can quickly add to your CI/CD pipelines...

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Getting Started With DevOps Governance

There’s no doubt that DevOps can make your team more efficient and your enterprise more competitive. But that efficiency doesn’t come without risk. Without controls, continuous integration quickly turns into continuous mistakes. That’s where DevOps...

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Basic Git Commands You Need To Know

To use Git well, you need two things: an understanding of what Git is and knowledge of which commands to use in various circumstances. In this post, we’ll review both. An Understanding of Git So...

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The 7 Best Git Tutorials to Get You Started Quickly

Version control is at the heart of any file-based project. Whether you’re a software developer, team member, project manager, student, or anyone working on file-based projects, tracking changes is essential to creating a great product....

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Everything You Need To Know About Workflow Automation With CircleCI

CircleCI is fast becoming the go-to continuous development and integration solution for the best applications in use today. All this attention is based on several exciting features that are unique to CircleCI. Certainly, the amount...

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How to Build a DevOps Culture That Will Last

Someone famous one said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” or something catchy. The message was that culture is superior to an organization’s strategy because it defines how people think and behave. Another school of thought...

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