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How to Customize, Automate and Expand the Power of JIRA with Power Scripts

August 30, 2017 at 11:00am PT

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Insight Demo & Success Story with Riada

September 20, 2017 at 11:00am PT

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On-Demand Webinars

Live Virtual Panel Discussion on DevOps in SAFe 4.5

Scaled Agile’s SAFe framework recently announced a more formal integration and a stronger focus on DevOps – more specifically the “CALMR” Approach to DevOps. C – Culture. A – Automation. L – Lean flow. M – Measurement. R – Recovery.

Backlog Refinement at Scale

Scrum Teams work best when they collaborate with their product owners to continually refine their backlogs. This is, of course, easier to do when teams are small and collocated. In this webinar, Luke Hohmann, from Conteneo, will present a collection of frameworks that support product owners and Scrum Teams working together to refine backlogs in large and/or distributed teams.

5 Leading Challenges Facing PMOs – And How Agile Program Management Changes the Game

You’ll leave this session having received easy to implement tips for tackling scope changes, impossible deadlines, poor communication, lack of accountability, and poor risk management.

Value Streams and the Scaled Agile Framework

We discuss what a value stream is, why it is important and how to align agile release trains to value streams.

The World Is Your Oyster Once You’re An SPC

We’ll talk about the process of becoming an SPC and how you can create value to your enterprise and various industries.

Leveraging Atlassian to Craft the Best Products – Turning Product Management Theory Into Practice

Watch this in depth discussion about product strategy, vision, discovery, delivery and which Atlassian tools can facilitate key processes that build the best software for your customers.

The Ugly Truth About Scaling

This webinar addresses the ugly truth about scaling agile to the enterprise; uncovering 5 truths every executive should be aware of before embarking on their agile transformation journey.

Transforming Organization with CI/CD

Watch as we discuss with CloudBees the best practices for facilitating DevOps pipelines with Jenkins Workflow and reveal how the workflow engine of Jenkins CI and “Agilecentric” Devops practices together, support complex control structures, shortens the development cycle, stabilizes environments and reduces defects.

Structure for JIRA

Learn about the power of Structure in JIRA and how it can help your company.

The Role of Leadership & Organization Health in Scaling Agile

Learn the two key, complementary value cycles that constitute Enterprise Agility, the four organizational disciplines of the Agile Enterprise and why the Agile Enterprise depends on Transformational Leadership.

10 Safe Essential Elements to Achieve the Benefits of SAFe

In this webinar we explore what could happen as the Agile Release Train progresses with each later Program Increment. You will learn how to keep the train on the tracks with 10 essentials of SAFe, so you can achieve the full benefits of SAFe.

JIRA Service Desk for HR Service Management – The Trade Desk Success Story

We discuss with Drew West of The Trade Desk how to integrate and automate business rules into service requests using the Atlassian ecosystem to drive better efficiencies and business value.

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